Founded in 1956, the institute was called "Heavy Industrial Research and Design Institute of Mineral Processing".
  In early 1960's, the institute expanded to a research complex with geology, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, analysis, etc.
  In 1960's and 70's, the institute sent faculty to found Guilin Geology, Baotou Rare Earth, Ma'anshan Mining, Baiyin Mining & Metallurgy.
  In 1978, the institute adopted "General Institute" into its name, with the administration of totally 8 institutes.
  In 1983, the institute changed its name to "Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy" and began the transition froma public wealth institute to a self-financed R&D institute.
  Since 1999, BGRIMM became a large state technology corporation directly under SASAC.
  Currently, BGRIMM operates a network of one headquarter, 3 branches, 11 research dvisions, one engineering company, two public listed companies, 14 holding companies, and an office in Santiago Chile. 




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