GM Han Long Visited the Chinese Embassy in South Africa
On November 12, 2019, Han Long, GM of BGRIMM Group was invited to visit the Chinese embassy in South Africa to introduce the operation mode, future planning and staged achievements of China-South Africa Joint Research Center for Mineral Resources Development and Utilization (JRC)。 Li Nan, charge d'affaires, Hou Lihong, S & T counsellor and Pang Yu, senior secretary held a welcoming ceremony in the embassy lounge。 Li Nan affirmed the JRC’s outstanding achievements in recent years, encouraged JRC to become a fruitful bilateral win-win platform of science and technology between China and South Africa, and ensured that the Chinese embassy would give JRC support for future development。 

General manager Han Long had an in-depth exchange with charge d 'affaires Li Nan at the Chinese embassy in South Africa


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