Cell and Electronic Materials

Espring, a subsidiary company of BGRIMM, is engaged in R&D and manufacture of various electronic ceramic materials and lithium ion battery materials. The main products are LiCoO2,Co3O4, Bi2O3, Ni2O3, (NiO), Sb2O3, Si2O3and MnCO3, and or LiCoO2, Co3O4, Bi2O3. BGRIMM has been the first to be ISO9002 certified in the industry. Espring became a listed company in Shenzhen stock market in 2010.

BGRIMM owns one 6000t/a LiCoO2production base, ranking top in China and the second in the world in terms of Lithium ion battery anode material supply, with products exported to Japan, North Korea, Taiwan district, etc.


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